Terms & Conditions

1. Agreement
1.1. Your use of this website constitutes a binding contract between you (“You”) and Bargains4078. These terms and conditions apply to the ordering, purchase, fulfilment and delivery of goods on www.bargains4078.com.au (“the Website”).
1.2. By placing an order on the Website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Sale of goods
2.1. Where You order goods on the Website, You agree that the goods are offered and supplied to You by Bargains4078 based on the description of the goods specified on the Website (“the Goods”).
2.2. The Goods have been imported by Bargains4078 or purchased from Australian importers or distributors and are new unless otherwise indicated on the Website. Goods are available only while stocks last.

3. Pricing and Payment
3.1. Prices for Goods are specified on the Website.
3.2. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice. The price displayed when You place your Order will be the final price You pay even if the price changes at a later time. However, if You subsequently cancel Your Order, then the applicable price will be that which is stated on the Website.
3.3. In addition to the prices listed on the Website, you must also pay the delivery charge(s) listed on the Website (if any).

4. Orders
4.1. You can place an order to purchase the Goods by following the steps specified on the Website (“Order”).
4.2. Each Order You place on the Website is a separate and binding offer by You to purchase the relevant Goods. This offer may be accepted or rejected by Bargains4078 in its sole discretion.
4.3. Orders are deemed to be accepted by Bargains4078 when You receive an email from Bargains4078 confirming Your Order.
4.4. You acknowledge that all Goods purchased on the Website are for personal, domestic, non-commercial use only.
4.5. You represent and warrant to Bargains4078 that the information You have provided in Your Order is complete, true and accurate.
4.6. Subject to any applicable laws which states otherwise (including the Australian Consumer Law), Bargains4078 is not liable to You for any loss, damage, cost or expense that You or another person may suffer as a result of the failure by You to compete an Order accurately.
4.7. You acknowledge that by submitting an Order on the Website, Your Order is a request to purchase Goods at the applicable price plus the delivery charge (if any).
4.8. Due to the nature of the internet, there may be circumstances where You are unable to place an Order and Your order may not be received by Bargains4078. Subject to any applicable laws which states otherwise (including any provision of the Australian Consumer Law), Bargain4078 will not be liable to you for any loss, damage, cost or expense that You and another person may suffer as a result of the failure by Bargains4078 to process or receive an order.

5. Cancellation of Orders
5.1. Bargains4078 may cancel Your Order at any time, including where Bargains4078 is unable to fulfil Your Order.
5.2. Where Bargains4078 has cancelled Your Order and You have not received the Goods, You will entitled to a full refund in respect of that Order.
5.3. Bargains4078 attempts to ensure that all information provided on the Website is accurate. However, due to the fast-changing nature of the industry, it is possible that some errors in specifications, descriptions, images, pricing, stock levels or delivery may occur. Subject to applicable law, Bargains4078 reserves the right to correct any material on the Website or in any order without notice. If an Order is accepted, Bargains4078, acting reasonably, is of the view that there is an error in the order, Bargains4078 will give You the option of accepting the corrected order or cancelling the order for a full refund.

6. Payment
6.1. All Goods are quoted in Australian dollars and inclusive of any applicable taxes.
6.2. Bargains4078 only accepts payment by credit card via PayPal account or by Direct Debit to Bargains4078 Bank Account.. You must pay the price for the Goods specified on the Website plus the delivery charge at the time you make an Order.
6.3. Payment for Your Order will be processed by Bargains44078 upon confirmation of Your Order.

7. Delivery
7.1. Bargains4078 attempts to deliver the Goods as soon as possible, however due to Bargains4078 utilising third party delivery services, Bargains4078 cannot control the delivery times. Therefore, any specified delivery date should be viewed as an estimate only.
7.2. Bargains4078 will arrange for the delivery of the Goods to the nominated delivery address You specify in Your Order.

8. Risk and Title
8.1. Risk and title passes to You on delivery of the Goods.

9. Return of Goods
9.1. You may return Goods purchased on the Website for any reason within 7 days of taking delivery of the Goods and You will receive a full refund of the purchase price excluding the delivery charge.
9.2. If You would like to return any Goods under this clause 9, You must first contact the Bargains4078 support team at support@bargains4078.com.au within 7 days of taking delivery of the Goods. You will receive written instructions informing You what You must do in order to return the Goods. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the Goods are returned safely. Bargains4078 will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or destruction during transportation of the Goods.
9.3. Goods returned in accordance with clause 9 must be returned in their original packaging with all accessories, and must be in a re-saleable condition.

10. Warranties
10.1. Where applicable, Goods purchased from the Website come with a 12 Month Standard Warranty. The 12 Month Standard Warranty will commence of the date that You receive the Goods.

11. Liability
11.1. Except as expressly provided to the contrary in these Terms and Conditions or by applicable laws that cannot be excluded, and to the fullest extent permitted by the law:
a. all terms, conditions, warranties or representations, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise relating to the supply of the Goods are excluded;
b. Bargains4078 maximum aggregate liability to You or any other person is limited to the amount payable by You in respect of the Goods purchased;
c. Bargains4078 will not be liable for any lost profits, lost savings, lost business opportunities or any indirect or consequential loss or damage; and
d. Bargains4078 will not be liable to You for any delay or failure to deliver the Goods by the delivery date.

12. Intellectual Property
12.1. Bargains4078 retain all intellectual property rights in any software and content made available to You on this Website.
12.2. All such rights are reserved Bargains4078.
12.3. Unless expressly authorised by Bargains4078, you must not publish, modify, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any format, any of the content on this Website, nor may you use any such content in connection with any business or commercial enterprise.

13. Website Terms and Privacy
13.1. Use of the Website is governed by the Website Terms of Use, located at www.bargains4078.com.au/terms.
13.2. Bargains4078 is committed to preserving and respecting Your privacy. The terms upon which Bargains4078 will collect, use and disclose Your private information are set out in the Privacy Policy, located at www. Bargains4078.com.au/terms.

14. General
14.1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia and the parties irrevocably submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland, Australia and waive any right to object to proceedings being brought in those courts.
14.2. Any provision of these terms and conditions which is unenforceable or partly unenforceable is, where possible, to be severed to the extent necessary to make these terms enforceable, unless this would materially change the intended effect of the terms.
14.3. Bargains4078 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time and such amendments will only take effect from the time it appears on the Website. The terms and conditions which apply at the time that You place Your order are the terms and conditions which apply to Your order.